Sunday, 31 December 2017

lowest to highest

I always feel left outside the celebrations of this time of year. What is it we are to enjoy exactly? Just the nominal turnover of a calendar page and hey-ho all the tourists come to Edinburgh to frottage in Princes St in the rain. I really hope it rains. Otherwise the streets round here are filled with shouts and screams till 5am and it's not as if they can't do that indoors.

Last run of the year. Arthur's Seat.

Thomson Tower now I know what it is!

I counted this time
212 although I might have got that wrong as some tourists were talking over my mental quiet carriage saying shit about european this and that and was that 167 or 177? Anyway, about 212.

So we went from the lowest point to the highest: Duddingston to summit. The only upside was I didn't have to go any faster than coach Hunter. Although she was going at a good pace while I stopped for breathers and to gasp at the amount of tourists that were queueing to get onto the summmit rock. Have you ever seen the likes? I guess if you are European and are in Edinburgh for the hogmanay you have to do something sportiff for the afternoon. German accents, American accents. No local accents. I imagine they, the locals, are no further away from an establishment selling strong drink than needs be. 


more than even a Wednesday Carnethy run

or Thursday HBT

Not so much icing on a cake as sprinkles on a turd.
They did pinky purple lighting on the Parliament building. 

Anyway I really hope it rains. See you when the calendar flips.

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