Friday, 8 December 2017

dalmeny againy

So I had a few hours around the middle of the day and the sun was out. It was the wind direction that suggested Dalmeny again, as a rather baltic breeze was coming in from the West. Up to the train station and a small queue in front of me at the "human" ticket sales counter. Well there is that machine over there. I usually favour the humans as they can hold discussions. The machines have been dealing with passengers for so long they have developed attitudes. They try and guess which method of payment you haven't got (card or cash) then insist on only that. Or if you have both they give you £13.50 change from a £20 note in 13 x £1 coins and a fifty pence piece knowing you will rattle all the way home from North Berwick. The bastards. 

utter fucktard

But in the caffeine fuelled anxiety to be on my way I opted for the big grey box of tricks and keyed in my single to Dalmeny £4.50, and noting they don't do polymer Scottish notes, or £50s inserted my only note, a Scottish £20. And waited. And waited. Then (to much hilarity) the machine gave me neither ticket nor £20 note back, but flipped it's Out of Service notice up. I returned to the human counter and with steam coming out my ears explained my difficulties. Obvs not the first time the dude behind the counter had heard this tale and got a colleague to see to it. Another 10 minutes later (as the next train to Dalmeny chugs out Waverley) and he retrieves my £20 out the machine (2 separate keys and a security code) which didn't even look sheepish. Luckily nearly every train to Fife stops at Dalmeny and I didn't have long to wait.

If you go to the end of the platform at Dalmeny you can take these photos.

Then Suunto on, and down the trail and under the bridge and into the Dalmeny Estate.

This pic is a wee bit weird as the shadow from the rail line is cast almost exactly in line with the metalwork below on the brick stanchions making it look in front of the bricks, not on top.

a gaggle of oystercatchers (and redshanks?)
trying to keep the lawns wormfree

favourite spot
(only have to wait 6 months for the small coppers to return.)

martini glass and olive lens flare

teasels in front of Cramond Island and N Berwick Law


Running up the road to the station I was wondering if I'd worn enough: t-shirt under merino long sleeve. It was ok running but stand still for any length of time and you froze.

work progressing on the fish ladder

I had half a notion to take a few pics of the gulls at Cramond. The Black-headed Gulls (Winter plumage) become very responsive at this time of the year. Could I be bothered? Would the sun still be above the trees? Well yes, ok then and threw 2 slices of home-baked seeded wholemeal into a bag. Normally I have to throw a bit in the water or onto the sand to get their attention. None of that today - not one bit would have hit the sand. I had hardly got the bread bag out and the gulls were bouncing off my hat, and going into a feeding frenzy. In the warmer months they circle (clockwise) in a controlled and respectful way. Today it was everyone for themselves and legs (normally tucked away) were out and being used to navigate in close. You can see how my hand (freshly out a glove) gets all muddy as they clambered over it with muddy boots to peck away at the bread. They barged and bumped and even after I had got through the 2 slices, still hung about looking for crumbs. 

The timestamp on the first and last shots tell that I was there for 11 minutes taking photos and video (with ungloved hands). I left feeling chilled to the bone and it took most of the parkrun course to get warmed up again. Worth it though, as I do love the duckies!


Do gulls have tongues? Apparently so!

more chaos

The rest of it was just about getting home asap and showered and out for a 4pm meeting with a client via the paint shop. Nothing can touch the gulls for glamour and poise so I'll just sign off with a traditional  photo of Granton looking good in the low sun. Fab run. 13.5miles.

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