Monday, 25 December 2017

saturday seashore

As the temperature galloped back up into double figures the wind also increased. Making for a brisk and breezy run round the usual route at Gullane. Costa machine coffees then out into the breeze. Down the JMW and across the bridge at Aberlady.

surprised to see fox moth caterpillars out last couple of weeks

last time we found crystal jellyfish,
this time discoball jellyfish (Travoltus Moroder

my impression of R2D2
photo Mary obvs

some geology for David L

Mary announced a Berry Off, a competition to get the best berry photos. She only told me this after we passed all these different coloured berry bushes and I hadn't taken any pics. I reckoned I could still win if I got a decent pic of this crow who was picking seabuckthorn berries then flipping them into the air and down his beak. If only I could get the picture of berry mid-air and beak open. I couldn't. Mary wins. See her photos here.



On the drive home there was some nacreous cloud activity but we didn't stop anywhere I could get a decent photo. By the time we got home a large dark cloud had moved in and obscured it all. 

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