Sunday, 10 December 2017

jumping for joy

Usual Gullane Saturday run. Very cold, very sunny, very glorious. The second of 3 rather splendid runs on consecutive days. Nice recovery run and wrapped up well against the BALTIC weather. First up a Costa coffee machine in the Day Today shop next to defunct Falko's. (Was The Day Today not a Chris Morris news spoof?) Anyway the dude in there was very helpful and the coffee hit the mark. Bakeries from Gannet Deli although they were out of scones. Still overbudget and haven't quite nailed it. Reluctance to leave warm Berlingo and interact with cold.

a while since I have done any of these
must have been the bright weather casting shadows that inspired this

It really was bright. Sort of like a sun lamp, but without the radiating warmth. Mary thought it was a bit like a floor based fan heater when you switch the element off or it breaks and you are just left with a cold draught. The car heater has been a bit like that also. The engine only ever getting up to the sort of temps required for heating the interior by the time the journey is over. 

Mary did a very good job of taking this photo at JUST the right moment.
Just as well you can't see my monkey face of concentration.

The downside of the low sun is that early on it goes below any land mass. However although the first half of Gullane Bay was post sunset the second half was still catching the dying rays. We ran on to go through the wind protected woods and visit the tree troll but the last of the best photos stops about here! And so do I.

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