Sunday, 31 December 2017


So the coach says we should do the Granton Run. Well it's more low grade weather so doesn't really matter where. Just get out and burn some christmas calories in the battle of the bulge. Given the forecast rain I take the B camera. Probably a mistake, but it's you who are paying as the photos are kind of dull - Ha! I saw that stuff in real life so no skin off my nose. 

Nice lamppost, hadn't noticed that before.

early spring anyone?

This always looks like a planners model, or computer image
which was most likely the starting point.

love the tufted ducks

The coach says after we run along to the Shore we then go back Leith Walk or other urban nightmare. I waved cheerio saying I was going in search of duckies. Although I only had the B camera, the light was much better than the other day in the rain and I was hoping to ask a goosander out on a date. The tufted ducks were an unexpected bonus. They are so cute. 

moorhen party

There were plenty goosanders (Mergus Merganser) about but nearly all on the opposite bank or just slightly too distant in low light with the B camera to make the low level the bar is currently set at. There was one female sat on the dock with the mallards though, and she watched warily as I edged closer. It was noted I had neither the promised tin of fish nor the A camera as I have yet to work out how I am going to keep the contents of the former entirely separate from the workings of the latter. I may need to bribe the coach though she hasn't really been in that good a mood for several weeks now so I may be pushing my luck.

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  1. hey peter, my mum has painted the architects model- looks very similar to your picture! will try & find a picture of her picture..