Sunday, 24 December 2017

jelly on the beach

Usually Decembers are a nearly work-free zone. People are bracing themselves for the financial horror of Christmas and nobody is thinking about getting the decorators in. However a large ad involving job has been distracting me from running of late - I was so absorbed by the work, or the audiobook I was listening to, on Wednesday, I forgot to leave in time to make clubbo. Oops. Thursday; and Wintervals made the solitary 7 miles I ran this week. And I've been so knackered in the evenings I haven't even blogged last weekend's activities. Which started with the usual jolly at Gullane. Very bright and sunny, quite blowy if memory serves...

An empty Falko's.
We are now fans of the Costa coffee machine in the Day Today shop.

Pentlands looking white in the distance

We came across these entirely transparent jelly fish on Aberlady beach. Never seen them before and a bit of googling suggests they are Aequorea of some sort (Forskalea or victoria?) which are pelagic hydrozoans and might even be bioluminescent. Never thought to take one home and wait till dark. More commonly Crystal Jellyfish. Quite a lot of them stranded at the high tide line. Nice to see something different and possibly quite rare in these waters.

I think this was a female stonechat who was keeping an eye on us from a distance

There was a lovely light encouraging a couple of extra miles beyond Gullane Bay and back through the woods though not the easiest of things to capture. The amount of pics taken: we stopped in the woods and had 5 mins of just mooching about clicking away, but most of the results went straight in the bin.

windscreen on drive home

bad santa

It's always a treat to see this possibly derelict Santa outside the shed centre on Seafield Road who is discouraging folk from buying xmas trees. He didn't look too bad this year; previous years he looked like he just got out of prison. So chrismassy!

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