Thursday, 28 December 2017

glorious gullane

So, the day after boxing day and that cracking run in the Pentlands we went along to Gullane and in the continuing sunshine had a splendid run around the usual route. There seeemed to be a convention of bin lorries meeting by the green. Or maybe they all meet there every Weds lunchtime. I was out buying coffees from the Village Coffee Shop, and didn't get a chance to enquire. Anyway fab run, you don't really need words, and I don't have time to write them as I have to get up early for a long run. And to sort my new computer. Snow forecast. Could be interesting.

still can't resist a backlit rush

another Mary berry off

lots of these. Widgeons?
someone will know (George M?!)

I know this ain't all that but I got both feet wet leaning into it
so it makes it by default. Mostly my own default.

crows re-enacting the battle of britain, again

ship rising out the water as it has offloaded thousands of tons 
of cheap plastic for the christmas market

The beach was just at it's best and difficult to convey the wide open space under the blue sky: photos don't really do it justice. Very few folk about, and all of them smiling!

Mary with Oscar Pistorius legs

tearful sub eye

you can Mary had been drinking


another christmas cracker

7.5 miles - and all of them excellent!

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