Friday, 1 December 2017

frosty lamms

Last Sunday was a glorious day. After swithering, we ended up at the Lammermuirs although nearly so late we missed some of the best part of the day. First up; the new Falko's at Haddington. Coffee was ok (smaller cups). Scones good. Lots of custom and bigger place so maybe they were right to move.


Mary's hood filling with chilly breezes

we did a bit of a tempo run up the steep hill
(Mary chasing a kom or qorn or something. I'm not on strava.)

see that dirt trail steep hill in the background,
there is a challenge to clean that on a bike that I am considering - watch this space!

up to Lammerlaw

great views but not weather for hanging around


and back the same way

Superb day out - about 8 miles and under 2 hrs - FAB!

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