Wednesday, 6 December 2017

broccoli on the beach

My legs were totally trashed on Sunday, following the WoL race on Saturday.
Coffee and scones £8.70!!! to carry out from Village Coffee House. Honestly we will have to find a less rip-off Sunday alternative. Then out onto the JMW and hirpling along like a pensioner. Normally by the end of the 6 mile loop I am loosened off and asking can't we extend it, but for a change I was happy to return, still partly crocked, to the car. 

On the upside, NEW SHOES! This was their first outing and yes they are a bit bright. I already have a pair of Hoka Speedgoat 2s. I have really enjoyed them and there are still many miles in them but when I saw this pair reduced in a Black Friday sale, I bought them because.... Well because when everyone realised Clifton 3s were the best road shoes ever they sold out and it became impossible to find them any anywhere. (Clifton 4s are good but maybe not as good as the 3s.) I am waiting for word to get out just how good Speedgoat 2s are, and for them to disappear off the shelves. It probably helps that the original model was NOT one of Hoka's finer shoes. Also I was wondering were the 2s maybe just really suited to my feet? Mary got a pair of the women's and seems to really like them. (Below) I am not usually a fan of bright red kit but in this case the mix of pink/cerise/orange is so in-your-face I kinda like them.

As we ran along the golf course a V of geese flew high overhead, honking delightfully. The glare on the camera screen was interfering, so I put my eye to the viewfinder and got just 2 shots before I lost them - zoomed in to max close up, I could only find acres of blue empty sky in the short time they flew directly above, and were gone before I could zoom out find them and zoom in again. I was surprised the shots came out as well as they did.

a trio of wagtails chased down the beach ahead of us

Every couple of hundred yards down the beach there was a head of broccoli. I think we saw about 5 and weren't even looking for them. Had a broccoli boat gone down? Broccoli Galore? We doubted it would make as good a story.

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