Monday, 1 January 2018

nyd tri

On the way to cheer on the NYD Tri-ers we passed Rich and Kate and new baby Tier. They hadn't realised the Triathlon was just getting underway - which shows, understandably, how priorities have changed. The weather started really nice (great for Promathon) but deteriorated later on and we had to run home in the rain. There were lots of folk taking part today but many of them cycled past unrecognised. It is kind of tricky trying to see past the helmets and non-club kit, so apologies to those who cycled by 3 times and ran by once and we failed to cheer on.

We were also out for a brief run so avoided the majority of the tourists by going via the Dasses. Towards the top we could see the place was v busy again (as Roy pointed out nothing else is open today) so rather than queue at the summit, we descended to Dunsapie to take photos of the Tri-stars.

Look, miniature people!

Jenni wore a very bright jacket and after she had been past once we knew to look out for it. That's how to get your picture taken! Roy sneaked past in black and avoided detection till the running lap.

Mark was also reddily recognisable.

Jim had also done the Promathon earlier! Good going!
(He was part of a relay team for this.)

Jim (13th overall) was going too fast for the camera.

Angus - not shy!

Well done to all who took part.
The heavens then opened and we ran home in the lashing rain. Back to work tomorrow so this blog-athon can stop now. Bye bye 2017 it was perfectly ok. As Leo posted on facebook "my new year's resolution is to write 2018 instead of 2017" which is the smartest thing I've seen there lately!

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