Monday, 31 July 2017

drama on the stairwell (a true life photostory)

It does seem to be that time of the year; when young birds are out and about for the first time doing daft stuff or getting into fixes. I came home this afternoon to find a fledgling on the tenement stairs unable to exit the (non-opening) windows. I got the ladders out and asked Mary to get her camera. The chick was just able to fly but only just. Since none of the windows open it was difficult to imagine how it got there - perhaps a ground floor neighbour (whose windows were open) put it out their door into the stair? It also struggled vigorously and escaped my clutches once during the process. However it was a happy ending. Chick flew off uninjured and was probably the offspring of the adult robin looking on keenly in the back garden. All photos Mary.

Not always a happy ending to such stories, and I did wonder about this little chap flying over the garden wall and into the jaws of a neighbourhood cat. It wouldn't be the first time. In fact it seems to happen alarmingly often.....
Here (rabbit lovers look away!)
and here (this made me lol and has at least the merit of being short.)
and here ok this is in poor taste


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