Friday, 7 July 2017

over the hill

Last Sunday the (half) Ironman was making things busy along the coast so we headed for the hills. It was good to find out my hill legs have benefitted from weeks of cycling every morning and evening the 12 hilly miles to and from Balerno (2 miles beyond). Like finding yourself fluent in a language you don't use regularly. 

We replaced Falko's finest with a Costa coffee from Sainsbury's petrol station along Currie way. The only muffins they sold were in packs of four. Delicious but way too many calories for 2 each so on the way home we turfed the second pair in the bin. 

We started off with a circuit of the Red Moss raised boardwalk. Sad to report the bog cotton had come and gone since last there. It is one of my favourite decorations and gives the place a snowy white beauty. The heavy rains and wind had only left a few tired and battered remnants. On the upside, on the top of every white flowering weed wildflower at the road side was a host of flies, happy to have their picture taken. Some of my favourite things come in green bottles.

There was a bit of drizzle in the brisk wind atop West Kip. But it was bracing, and my cyclist legs seemed to be going well, given we hadn't really been in the hills much at all since the dreadful C5. Wonder why?

The lambs were looking very cute and we weren't sure whether it was the wash and blow dry of mother nature or if they had been specially groomed for the Royal Highland Show.

Many moons ago David Edgar pointed to the crags between the Howe and Balerno saying there was a Peregrine nesting there. As we ran past a bird of prey swooped out screeching, did a lovely dive and scoop back up where it landed, just left of centre above. (The light grey area.) Might have been a Peregrine. Might have been a skillful turkey. I am not qualified in that area. Round a couple of corners on the other side of the burn another bird of prey did some further aerobatics. Realising it was about to swoop off the page I got this quick photo of it. Again, no idea of the ID. Apart from these 2 there was precious little evidence of wildlife, and we missed the currently burgeoning flora and fauna of E Lothian and the usual coastal runs.

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