Thursday, 27 July 2017

swim at gladhouse

Mike L and possibly others had organised this mainly Carnethy affair at Gladhouse Resevoir just across the road from Jasmin and Konrad's cottage. Tuesday started poorly weatherwise but we got lucky and it turned into a really pleasant evening. I think reports of the last swim there must have filtered back because there was a great turnout of maybe 15+ folk in the water. (For h&s reasons we really probably should do a proper headcount before and after.) And at least 2 Porties, myself and Sarah. We got a lift with Carolyn and Gale (thank you!), after Mike juggled us all into car share groups. 

Some of the folk from last year's Monday night meets at Threipmuir were there but there were lots of new faces as well. And some in a wet suit for the first time. Open Water swimming does seem to be becoming a thing. Especially as off the peg wetsuits are fairly inexpensive: Wiggle and Alpkit ones seem decent. Might have to get a new one at some point myself as I am still using a 2nd hand job off ebay that is probably 10 years old.

It really wasn't too cold - folk were saying a few degrees less than Threipmuir but without the weeds and e coli. The plan was either to swim out to and round the island or for folk not wanting that distance (a mile+) then maybe just across to the other side and back. Most went round the island I think. I stopped to take photos at a couple of points. I was carrying the w/p camera on a leash in a bum bag.  

Lisa and Mark

heading to that island

turning the corner the sun shone through the trees

There was something of a regroup in the channel between the island and shore. I paddled over to the island as it's easier to take photos standing on the bottom. The shallows extended quite a bit into the reservoir and several folk had to go further out after finding their first line round the island was too shallow.

The distance on my suunto was 1.16 miles
(note the proximity of California!)

Not sure what this graph tells other than the temperature rose slightly as I stood out the water taking pics - no shit sherlock - and the pace was fairly steady. The 2 gaps are where I stopped to take photos. Time was 46mins. People were saying the temperature fluctuated in certain parts but I didn't notice it.

Pretty sure all who started, finished. Everyone was saying how much fun it was and that we should do more of this. I think Mike is saying we might return to a Monday evening format though there are a few different venues being considered. Big thanks to Jasmin and Konrad who hosted this and made cups of tea (and Hobnobs!) for everyone afterwards. Very pleasant and the furthest distance I have swum all year by far.

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