Tuesday, 25 July 2017

not all sunshine

Man that was some filthy weather over the weekend was it not? There were more parking spaces in the Red Moss car park than you might expect of a July weekend. Only the dafties and a guy deeply regretting his volunteering to take the young people on their DoEs were out and about. Pleasant it was not and there was no wildlife save for the skylarks/meadow pipits. Hardly worth carrying the camera. Visibility dropped to about 30 yards on the tops, and varied downstairs probably averaging 150 meters (for those metrically inclined.) (I am ambidextrous and can estimate distances wrongly in either imperial or celsius.) 

West of the Kip

braw Scottish summer

I had a lovely message from Katie who has gone back to live in the US. She misses this part of the world and gets a bit of an East Lothian hit from this blog (hurray!) to offset the withdrawal pangs of being so far away. A message then to all those languishing in countries where the sun shines (nearly) all summer and it's warm and you can run about in skimpy clothes and do stuff, actually spend all day outside; barbecuing or kayaking or playing crazy golf or biking or surfing going brown, not blue. To those folk I am waving hello from a drizzly hill with 30 yards visibility and a steady rain falling. Actually I've stopped waving because I've got to get back to the car before I get pneumonia. Other than that, yes it's nice. In between times! (I'm racing to get this blog posted so I can get the next one sorted which has some butterflies and sunshine - although everyone was back at work on Monday so I may get lynched for smugness.)(Swings and roundabouts.)

And don't listen to those wiseacres (I think that's the "w" I'm looking for) who say "there's no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing." This was bad weather. My clothing was fine. My clothing was not the problem. I have an excellent Gore jacket that I love. The problem was the visibility, the rain, the low cloud, the lack of wildlife, the way the water gets into the camera and ruins it, in short THE BAD WEATHER. Are we clear about that?

even one of my favourite places  - the 
boardwalk round Red Moss - was a bit drab today

I think we were feeling the benefit by the end of the run. The rain had stopped which made things a bit more bearable, but really, I am not a fan of the low pressure. Unsmiley face! Mary has also written up this run but in a less grumpy fashion and with more comedy selfies - so we may have enjoyed it more than I remember. Her blog here.

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