Friday, 4 August 2017

really gladhouse

Mike was keen to see the photos from Tuesday evening's swim at Gladhouse so I am jumping the gun time wise and putting them up ahead of last Sunday's run. It was a glorious swim right enough. 

Originally we had planned on trying out Rosebery Reservoir near Gladhouse. But when I googled it several angling websites appeared and I thought we were bound to run into problems with the fishing folk. Sure enough after asking at the fishing permits place a rather dour elderly lady gave us a flat no way. I think she was concerned for our safety rather than that of the fish but you could tell from her demeanour we were not on. Which was a shame as Rosebery looked very attractive. We drove to Gladhouse as we'd had an excellent swim there last Tuesday.

Sarah and pal (below) turned up and swam early; and it was smaller numbers than last week, but the weather - having been drizzling all day - changed, and the sun came out in perfect time to light the reservoir beautifully. We opted to explore the other side of the water this time and in particular the boathouse down the far end.

We regrouped over the other side before swimming down through the flowering waterplants to the end of the inlet. There were patches of water that were quite a bit warmer. Getting the breathing right and getting relaxed are essential, and it usually takes me 15 minutes before I get used to the temperature and exercise and then settle. The sun was streaming through the water and the sky was opening up. It was very peasant and I enjoyed getting the camera out the bumbag and taking pics of the flowers and boats. It didn't feel cold at all.

Jim was dragging his orange floaty thing - good for visibility. I have one of these but have never as yet used it. Must get it out for a test drive. I got it to transport shoes and a dry camera to an island, Fidra perhaps. I suspect they slow you down slightly.

Because the scenery above the water was so pretty it didn't really occur to take many pics below. I was glad I did though, as these 2 give an idea of how clear the water was by comparison to Threipmuir - where you can have trouble seeing your hand in front of your goggles. The plantlife was limited to the shoreline and easily swum around.

after another regroup we headed back

Mike is away next week on holiday but we should try and keep the momentum going in his absence.

I reckon it was about 1.2miles although as you can see I didn't remember to put my gps on until we were underway (the triangle) so don't have an accurate distance. Very nice to explore a different part of the reservoir and there were noises about maybe parking up over the west side and doing the other island (or both islands) next time. Thanks to Jim for giving us a lift there. Quality swimming pool!

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