Tuesday, 8 August 2017

birds, bees, buildings

On Sunday the Summer gave us another crappy day full of drizzle. Took a polybag for the camera - you never know what you might see, but had very low expectations. Mary suggested 9miles round the innocent railway and back through the park. Nothing much of note until late on when Mary said something about making up the distance maybe taking in Calton Hill. I said I'd rather do a lap or 2 of Hunter's Bog as the thought of the tourists on Calton Hill was too much. We went our separate ways and I dawdled in the bog taking pics of swifts and bees and buildings, most of them below par due to the low flat light.

zonked man; stoner bee

The bog was really quite lovely, being well watered. I had a notion to photograph the swifts(?) bombing over the water. I thought rather than follow them with the camera and get blurry pics, I'd train the camera over a certain spot and then when the swifts, doing laps of the pond, went past I'd push the shutter release and get the photo. What a laugh! They were of course too fast for the available light and my camera. But I had fun and every now and then a kestrel would go past looking for dinner.

hmmm grey streak just left of centre top

about the least bad shot


The hawk flew over and landed on the crags and I took this shot above at full zoom. I couldn't see it but knew it had landed thereabouts. I was hoping to spot a nest when I examined the photo later but it was just a perch.

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