Wednesday, 16 August 2017

busy monday

I'm on holiday. If there had been anything like decent weather we might have gone camping or bivi-ing. Since we have a traditional Scottish Summer going on better to stay at home and enjoy the decent days when they appear, going running, cycling or swimming. Monday I did a short run with Mary round the seat then in the evening did the Monday night swim at Gladhouse with Carnethies. Both were fun but the photos look a bit gloomy.

The gulls in Iona St are busy working out how to get the food out your house before it goes in the big bins and cut out the middle man.

This will end in tears. 
When I was young you had to at least be sober for a moment or 2 during a day in order to procure the day's entertainment. And when you ran out it was time to go to bed.

Hopefully self improvement. Will 3 weeks be enough?

tufted duck!

4 mallard youths

Then a quick shower and off to Gladhouse. Thanks to Robert (another Porty triathlete) for the lift there. It was Robert's first swim with the Monday evening crew and possibly only the second outing in his new wetsuit. However he is an old hand at swimming and was impressive in the water. 

Rachel was trying out cloven hoofs this week, I think the verdict wasn't great.

grim prospect although the water was no wetter or colder

it's always a shudder when that first pint of cold water tips down your back

we bumped into those other swimmers we saw last week
although 3 this week. One still naked - he didn't look warm.

We swam across to this peninsula then back to the island

We stopped to re-group on several occasions. When we started again I noticed it was cold putting one's face back in the water. On the upside you feel really refreshed afterwards sitting in the car warming up, on the way home. While it is more pleasant swimming with the sun out; seeing the bubbles from your hands catch in the sun, it wasn't as bad tonight as I thought it would be. But the photos are crap by comparison. Wonder how many weeks light we have left before headtorches become obligatory?

1.3 miles; slightly choppier (and slower) than last few times

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