Monday, 13 March 2017

sunset and moonrise on the airport run

Mary is a morning person. Normally she would avoid an evening run however she noticed the full moon was rising, the sun setting and Cramond Island becoming accessible all within minutes, just after 6pm. And the weather might just be optimum. If we did the airport run setting off an hour before, the rewards might justify hanging around at home all day. 

I am more of a night owl, so my tail was wagging like fury, (if an owl's tail wags), and I suspect I was a bit psycho-hyper after a coffee or 2 out the newish percolator, if the photos are anything to go by. I took a couple of slices of bread for the duckies at the estuary but it was Baltic when we jumped out the car at the Cramond Inn so there was no chance M would entertain this on the way out and by the time we had done the circuit it was far too dusk on the return. Next time duckies!

hmmm the council have closed this route we'd better turn round

turn around the fence more like

then elegantly straddle the other end

look I am a qualified pretengineer and this looks fine to me
(no idea why the council re-opened this, then shut it down, it really does look solid after the fix)

We crossed the Almond at the Cramond Brig then turned left before the hotel, going under the motorway bridge and up the North side of the river, crossing at the Grotto Bridge, then following the delightful riverside trails up to the airport boundary. Running towards the low sun in the trees made for lens flares and orange lit pics. Mary kept a steady pace while I stopped to take photos then raced to catch up. My caffeine legs felt zippy for the first time since the housemaids knee.

One of the few bits of graffiti I actually like.
Well done Jokey/Joker/Josey/Jopey/Dopey/Doper/Joyer/Josef/Popey/Poser/Roger...

love a backlit bush

I think this is a goosander
If you want to see something scary google goosander teeth
Too lazy? I've put the link there for you. Worth a peek!

new beanie!

mental age slightly increased today

full psycho mode

I was hurrying to catch Mary before she turned left down Nether Lennie
and this weirdness came out. Some interesting light about. (This road features in the CAAC 5.)



So we were running down the Almond and realised it was about 6.07pm and the moon would be appearing anytime soon. Mary upped the pace saying she would get there (the view being blocked to the East) before me and she would see it first, it was hers and I wasn't to steal it. I remarked that she was flaunting her generous nature again. Then stole her moon and posted it on facebook. 

After 5 mins standing around watching the moon rise and taking pics we got very cold and shivered back to the car. It was nice to get the best weather of the day and to be running in different conditions for a change. Don't think M was convinced and it wasn't really hanging-about-feeding-the-gulls weather. However a few Carnethies have been doing headtorch things and I am tempted to get involved. You don't get long distance landscape photos but it can be quite fun / spooky / adventurous.

We were not tempted in the least by the prospect of walking/running out to Cramond Island. Although we spent quite a time discussing a bivvy out there, and fighting off the giant rats to see who gets inside your sleeping bag. Fun for another day.

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