Wednesday, 29 March 2017

catch up

I've been slacking. Not blogging for a couple of weeks. Although I have been enjoying some runs the background ache in my knee has been discouraging the normal joie de vivre and so there isn't the usual relish to report EVERY run. Mary says you (I) don't have to blog every run and post every photo but I see some bloggers fall by the way (Nick - we miss your jolly reports) and know that it starts with a skipped race report or unposted photos. Work was quite full on recently as well, although I haven't been racing (due to knee) nor watching tv (it blew up) so should have had more free time to accommodate blogs. 

The JMW deer have been waiting around for blog fame and stardom

Marl Loch has been full of toad corpses.
Not sure if this predation or just post mating fatigue

never very sure about the difference between skylarks and meadow pippets
Aberlady has been atwitter with the song of skylarks for a couple of weeks now which is deeply joyful

Bumped into Bruce and pals

came off the coast at Archerfields
deer crossed our paths a couple of times - too gloomy for decent photos

That was Saturday 18th. On the 19th we went for a run round Holyrood.

someone daft suggested a stomp up the rad road which was fairly busy with tourists

it's good they are making the summit wheelchair accessible

busy and breezy
the crows were enjoying zooming around on the turbulence

Ochils behind the old town

Tony was doing his Tai Chi.

Normally I'd have stopped for a natter but we could tell he was in the zone and have noted on previous occasions when interrupted, his momentary disappointment before natural politeness masked his feelings. Great guy! 

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