Friday, 10 March 2017

low tide

A quick skip along past last weekend's "long" run. 13 miles down at Gullane/Aberlady. I say long because the previous 3 weeks hadn't seen any run longer than 6 miles and that also being the week's total mileage. So I suppose I should be grateful that the knee held up over 13 miles. I wasn't throwing my hat in the air though, and felt it was a small step towards getting back to fitness. Similarly the weather was kind of grey and downbeat as well. On the upside there was a low tide allowing us a rare visit to the land beneath the waves at Archerfields which has a special feel when the tide is this far out. 

Mary felt this needed underlined for stupidity.

The "big" camera has a bad habit of refusing to focus on anything closer than about 3 yards when the light is low. This is a total pain.

There is now a (night reflecting) owl to mark the turn off to the car park at Gullane.

balloons selling cars at Portobello

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