Wednesday, 15 March 2017

piglet and pooh on a blustery day

Too windy to paint outdoors let's go for a run. First check the direction of the wind. Next, run in that direction, then get a train back to point A. Point A was Longniddry Bents Number 1 despite my mild protestations that if we drove to the station car park we would be able to jump off the NB train, straight into the car and make a quick getaway. I wasn't even sure a car was necessary. But sometimes it's better not to argue. Spirits were high. So was the wind. It was whipping the sand off the shore and into your hair and eyes. To begin with this wasn't too bad.

This guy was driving down the same stretch when we returned 3.5hrs hours later. He also didn't respond when I gave him a wave. The bastard.

So it's all quite fun being out in the high energy weather at first. But by the time we got to the magic forest Mary felt like a lie down. It was relief to be out of the wind. All the trees were swaying but the warmth of the sun was welcome.

Hadn't noticed this wall/house combo in Aberlady before.

Over the bridge at Aberlady and there were still a few toads about.

The far end of the beach was exposed to the wind and we didn't hang about. The sand was soft and the tide quite far in making the beach more testing than usual.


Again good to get out off the wind but you could hear and see stuff rattling loose in the tree tops and there was a danger of being hit by falling debris.

the sea was frothing at the mouth

we managed to keep our feet dry, just

After Yellowcraigs we took the inland option again. We were both feeling quite bullied by the wind and sand-blasting. Mary was thinking she was having a bad day and it cheered her up to hear I was feeling weary as well. Despite the patches of sunshine it was hard going being out. We both enjoyed choosing euro-millions houses on the run into NB.

NLV Pharos is a lighthouse tender.
(I think it changes the bulbs.)

For a change we weren't rushing to catch the train with seconds to spare. I knew having used it recently the next train was 4.25 so after double checking this we went to the Poonthais for a cup of tea and a scone. They were very welcoming and accommodating of our quick turnaround. It was a nice lift and helped to pass the 1.6 miles from Longniddry Station to the Bents. As we were getting off the train and the rain was hitting our tired stiff legs I asked Mary if she still thought it was a good idea to park 1.6 miles upwind from the station car park. She may have changed her mind but said she wasn't as voluble as I was on the subject. I tried and failed to take selfies of me rolling my eyes while running which I found was nearly impossible. However with the tea and scone helping greatly, it was no time till we turned the corner of the trail and bingo there sat the Berlingo, a very welcome sight. The team agreed it was tough day out and were very glad only one of the team had to cycle along to my mum's house to cook her fish fingers, peas and oven chips, a treat not often enjoyed in Iona Street.

16.6 miles.
15 there, 1.6 back

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  1. Poonthais do great Thai food they have a lovely outside garden well worth a visit in Summer