Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Like the vernal equinox which arrived in a flurry of snow, it didn't feel that summery when we sprang the clocks forward for British Summer Time. However the daffs were out and the skies were blue so it could have been worse.

the JMW deer STILL hanging around for their 15 minutes of fame

ahh, someone has rebuilt that crumbling wall by the golf course
Isn't it funny how there are always bits left over?

Mary spotted this handsome chap on the pavement heading onto the road.
After a quick photo opportunity (and a scamper up my arm!) we rerouted him away from the traffic.

while Mary was waiting she busied herself taking photos

We started the recovery run on Sunday (following on from Saturday's exertions) with a coffee and croissant (nae scones) at Falko's. This often has repercussions and it's handy that there is a toilet block at Aberlady....

toad spawn and er....

Back to Marl Loch and more toady stuff. OK 3 differences between frogs and toads please? Answers at the bottom of the page. I think the white stuff might be ghost toads or intestinal things. Sorry.

my new ambient jazz album cover

biggest dead thing today
possibly a harbour porpoise
or plesiosaur

wee shell

big crab


 st tropez

and seven magpies means....?
answer here

Toads are dry and warty, frogs smooth and glossy wet. Toads = strings of spawn, frogs = clumps of spawn. Toads walk or crawl, frogs more likely to hop and jump.

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