Saturday, 28 January 2017


Nobody wants to hear that while they were nose-to-the-grindstone on Monday morning I was swanning about in the sunshine, running and taking photos. So let's just say early in the week I found myself unexpectedly chumming Mary on the Granton run on a day that wasn't as filled with work related stuff as it often is. 

I can't not take the camera and having taken some shots I can't not blog them. So let's just hurry through and then we can get to the weekend stuff. We have had many days of fantastic light recently and if it were like this all winter I'd be more of a fan. It only takes a couple of back to back grey drizzly days and my spirits plummet. I can feel my batteries recharging out running in stuff like this and it makes the week do-able.

saw this and thought of you

Next up Wintervals
This can seem a bit of an ask - a tough session in the dark; esp after a calf mashing road race on Wednesday eve at clubbo. But it is always over quickly and like most brief and thorough thrashings, it almost certainly does you good. I had a notion to take along the camera because the numbers seem to be consistently high across quite a broad ability group and the headtorches look pretty. And it has the warmth and attraction of a cult. I was pleased because the session had a nice symmetry and drew a tiara on my altitude map. Although something (possibly my radiation) seems to affect the readout and I return to a home much lower than the one I left. I meant to change the way it senses altitude but haven't done it yet. I know, fascinating. Anyway none of the photos came out well (and it was such a clear and crisp evening!) But some of them came out wonky and that's nearly as good, if not better. 

7pm at the Octagon

eyes tearing with cold and happiness

after the 4 minute interval this was exactly like this

stars on a leaf

we passed that other local cult HBT who were out doing something very similar

tonight's squint tiara

venue Salisbury Hill up to and beyond Commie Pool roundabout
1min, 2min, 3min (onto road), 4min (up left opp crags), 3min, 2min, 1min
but because that's not enough Fergus made us do 30second sprints between each
thanks Fergus! see you Thursday

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