Tuesday, 3 January 2017

last run of the year

Probably the run we've done most all year was the route Mary chose for the last run of the year. 6 miles round the perimeter of Gullane Golf Course. Pleasant enough, even on a grey day. Falko's closed so we dusted off the filter coffee machine and fired it up. And some pastries from scotmid. Danger was we'd run out of va va voom before we even got out the Berlingo. 

Good to see the locals had started trashing the place early.
We felt the seagulls probably had a hand (webbed foot) in this.

Good to see folk clearing out to make room for hogmanay.

These darlings, sanderlings, we feel have got to know us and were coming nearer than usual. Doesn't help really as their colours match the surroundings so well and they constantly move about the beach, skittish as anything, that they are still impossible to photograph well.

And that was about it. Except for a car park devoid of cars of colour. Just greyscale models. Mary thought it might be the CIA or MI5 presumably on holiday.

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