Tuesday, 17 January 2017

hooray for holyrood

Snuck out for a lunchtime sharpener with Hunter - a quick hike up the Seat to the summit then Whinny Hill, round the road a bit, back round some more road (despite my protestations) and past the duckies. Makes you realise what a brilliant place the park is. Especially when the light is good and there's not too much wind. Lots of fun had and about 7 hilly miles. 

Map: much better line now that the autopause is off and dots (for every pause) are removed. Only dots are mile markers. I checked the altitude at the summit and it was 20m out so reset it. I set it to the summit height of A's Seat last time I was up there (a few days ago?) so I'm guessing the altitude on the Suunto changes with the weather. It seems to have various ways of measuring data; barometric, gps and a combo setting which it calls FusedAlti. The current setting is pretty wobbly so I'll try the FusedAlti, which seems to be the factory default. The other night at wintervals Abbeyhill dropped in altitude during the hour I was out and my street was at sea level by the time I got home. For such a space age device I am not convinced about the altitude read out, being, at best, anecdotal. Onwards and upwards.

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