Wednesday, 4 January 2017

best run of the year so far (Jan 2nd)

Compared to the entire year of running in 2017 this was the outstanding run of the first 2 days. Makes me wonder why I bother with the Promathon when I could have been doing something like this. The sun was blasting down, making photography an altogether more rewarding hobby. And there was a light covering of frost. Anyone doing a promathon today needs their head examined.

Mary was in a very jolly mood - I blame the lack of work and a proper night's sleep for a few days in a row. She even added some extra miles round Black Hill and her funny knee seemed to behave itself. Life was good and could scarce get gooder. 

Bhauliya was having a kip when we passed her.

ok everyone close your eyes

Right, how many people are in this photo?
(Not counting the tiny ones in the houses miles away.)
5: Them, my shadow and that wee person peeping out Fiona's pack you didn't spot.

I had to photoshop 2 hikers out this photo to improve it.
Unless you are a hiker.

scalding hot

with huge effort Mary squints the trig point

Now there was this runner (orange top) who arrived at the trig point while we were there, didn't say hello, turned around and descended. In order to teach him a lesson in manners I gave him a hundred yards start then whooshed past, stopped dead to take a photo then still beat him to the col by 200 yards. Don't think he'll make that mistake again.

yet more



here from there
(all Mary's photos taken by her)

I'm a little teapot.

now stop that

bye bye sun - see you again in July

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