Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Equinox Run

2 years ago I went on this Carnethy drink-soaked run and from what I remember, it was fabulous. In fact one of the main reasons I am a social member of Carnethy is so I can enjoy such jamborees. So I signed up for this year's bash promptly and hoped the weather would be as good. It was. 

I ran out the door in a hurry hoping I'd packed all the necessary in case the weather didn't hold. Gio got on the bus around Morningside and Philippa as well and we went past Mary and Matt who had gamely decided to run to the start (at Hillend) to get maximum miles from the day, even though they were carrying a massive tupperware tub of bhajis. If ever I was swithering turning up, (it had been a long hard week), the bhajis convinced me. I remembered them from 2 years ago.

We got off the bus in Carlops in the sunshine and started the run by having a pint in the pub there! From there it was up the hill and within a couple of miles, the first stop for a quick snort of whisky. From this point on the afternoon got a little blurry at the corners and conversations also. I took lots of photos to remind me of a rough order. Jim H had been at the helm last time but Lisa and Euan seemed to have taken over the organisation with Jim still helping out in an advisory capacity. It surprised me to hear there was a schedule - I assumed we just rambled over the hills at whatever pace pleased. I doubt we stuck to any kind of schedule very accurately. However the combination of sunshine and drink and excellent company made for a delightful float across the Pentlands. 

ah whisky
(we had all been given plastic measuring cups.)

West Kip

styling it
At the top of Scald Law we were presented with G+Ts with not only lime but ice as well!


By the time we summited Carnethy, some were so intoxicated they imagined they saw 3 and a half Native Americans in a canoe. Bob's marvellous London Marathon project, which had the same tremendous craft skills as his previous ostrich and dalek projects. Not only a beautifully made boat but very handsome costumes and perhaps a little more classy than last time's gorilla-arse-gate and porn Julie Andrews.

Archie, Mike, Mark, Bob


The light was amazing coming off Turnhouse and it was just as well I set my watch alarm much earlier in the day or I would have forgotten to phone Mary. When she answered at 5.59pm she quickly said she was on the case and to hang up. Borders Series XC places were on sale from 6pm. Graham managed to get sufficient reception to reserve his place.

I noticed the light was fading fast and that I'd rather not waste time in the Flotterstone Inn drinking and miss the sunset. Graham agreed but when we went in the door Jim had already set up the pints! Oh well, if I must. I tried to leave and head up Castlelaw ahead of the crew but there didn't look to be that much of interest in the sky so I went back for a quick tour of the underground stuff near the firing range. 


The south side of Castlelaw is ugly in either direction and as the rain started to fall I thought I'd get my camera's polybag hat out. By the time I found it the rain had stopped and I ran up the hill to catch up. Things were now getting pretty dark so I put away the larger camera and got out the compact as it behaves better at night although most of the photos from this point on are just impressionistic sketches.

The last drink stop had the feel of a nativity.
(Not sure who gave birth and to what.)

After the last round of drinks we belted down the hill at top (drunk) speed. I seem to remember encouraging Mary to go faster and overtake everyone ahead even though the ground underfoot was deathly wet and slippy.

I had the good sense to stay at The Steading for only 1 pint. I ran most of the way into Morningside before the bus caught up with me, then hopped on and it took me all the way home for about 10pm? I seem to have burned off most of the damage, although I was careful to pace myself from early on this year knowing how many drinks were provided over how few miles. The bhajis were excellent. As was a rhubarb and ginger wine, and the oatcakes and cheese were superb also. Can't remember half the provisions and drinks we enjoyed, I was too busy blathering at top speed to anyone who would listen. Tremendous day out and I think we might have even done some running, although not very much.

arthouse video

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