Monday, 31 October 2016

ticking over

I have been keeping an eye on my mum recently. To visit, I cycle past the fields of the Police Headquarters on Carrington Road where several times I have noticed a flock of curlews (the largest European wading bird) jabbing their long curved beaks into the grass for (presumably) worms. It may be the police horses have enriched the grass and it is far superior to their normal habitat (coastlines and moors). Or maybe it is all the bodies the police have buried there in the night.

On Saturday we did the Gullane run. I was a bit tired of being tired and unwell and it took the full blast of a Falkos coffee to get me going. M had to work hard to stop me from complaining and being a bit low. It was another pleasant enough day but the sun was reluctant to come out and improve the photos.

the usual deer family in the usual spot

The same blue glove from the post at the other end of the beach some months ago? 

Things have been improving health wise and I am on the mend but it has been a bit of a struggle. I decided not to go to the Jedburgh Three Peaks Ultra. Not fit for 38miles. I was tempted because I knew so many folk doing it and could have jogged along with quite a few of them. However Tuesday's 30 miler took it's toll - I felt ok Wednesday but was a bit shredded on Thursday and Friday - so probably a good decision not to do the race. But disappointing. However I have to get my act together for a huge weekend in about 3 weeks. 

Jamie the park ranger 

Sunday and another small run, this time round Holyrood Park. It wasn't just a jog though as Coach Hunter made us puff and pant up the steps at Duddingston and then most of the way to the top. Only the off-season crowds of tourists or students stopped us going to the summit. There were berries, teasels and 'tumnal colours. And possibly a lifting of spirits. And a bit of a sprint across the fields near the palace on the way home. Happily I can still beat the coach. Just.

Splendid plaque by Tim Chalk a pal from way back then.

Mary beat her strava PR, up the steps from Duddingston

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