Tuesday, 11 October 2016

time out

Glad to get past Saturday and the pain of racing. Sunday was to be brighter and Michael came along to the usual run at Gullane. We were all a bit slow to get going but Falko's finest ensured you had to fight to squeeze a sentence into the wall-to-wall conversation. I held back and took lots of photos of their backs, only realising when we got home I had forgotten to do some front views of the happy trio. 

Mary modelling new Challenger ATRs

I was pleased to find Marl Loch still quite busy with dragonflies. Quite a few had lost or were losing the bright chilli red they had been sporting a couple of weeks back and were now more muted colours. Michael and Mary chatted while I slowly chased the insects round the area. 

The tide was well out so we went to the subs.

I was using the G3 so this is 4 shots laboriously stitched together by hand!

The light, when the sun snuck out from behind the clouds, was delightful. And some of the running was brisk, trying to keep up with the conversation; and talk of the races that might be good to target. (As long as they are in the quite distant future: I wasn't really in the mood for race plans.)

Rather than opt for a dook in the rather cold looking water we took an extra loop around the woods, a universal preference, although we had taken an extra wetsuit for MG. However a couple more dry miles was the choice and with the orange berries on the Buckthorn and the low afternoon sun, it was all very nice.

I used to wonder just how photos taken in the woods come out looking quite different (faded and colourless) to the feel and look of being there. It is only when you realise how little light gets through the canopy of trees that it becomes obvious. Underlined by the overexposure of the sky and coast (below) as we leave the woods.

Hello Gibbs!

all done!

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