Wednesday, 5 October 2016


I had done it. I had survived the Equinox Run and didn't have a hangover. Pacing! Mary had kindly saved the Gullane run for Sunday. The weather was again splendid and lack of wind and sunshine promised maybe a last day of dragonflies at Marl Loch.

"a" wol.
As predicted. Place your bets for next letter to drop.

Mary spotted the first darter. Common Darter is the name but that c-word makes me see red as it implies they are everywhere. They are not and getting close to them is a very finely tuned game. However with perfect conditions they were maybe being a little more laid back about the approaching photographer. I found three different specimens, or maybe one, which flew to different locations. I had the G3 which is good for detail but you have to get close. I got very close, and the bright weather did the rest. By the time I looked up Mary was nowhere to be seen and I thought she must be miles away. Then she stepped out of the long grasses. She was carrying the new WP camera and testing it out.

I could happily spend hours there but we moved on; I was fairly sure I had some decent shots. The beach was busier than usual, right enough the car park at Aberlady bridge had been heaving. All these folk must be somewhere. 

Haha! Saw this guy captivated by the shells and coloured stones
at the bay we sometimes stop at.

Can't remember why we stopped for a bit at this point. I kept seeing the grasshoppers bounce. So made an effort to catch one of the bigger chaps who crawled out from between the fingers of his prison and was quite pleased to have a raised viewing platform from which to survey the world.


There followed a conversation about whether spiderman had webbed fingers or not. I think the answer is no but he shoots a kind of jism from his wrist.

lovely and warm

Mary in the zone

new wet suit and wp camera both performing well

The water is defo getting colder (gloves recommended) but on the upside you get a 
bigger charge from going in (as you eventually warm up again.)

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