Friday, 30 September 2016

angels and toads

There's a couple of days waiting in the wings to be blogged. Must get them  written up before the weekend kicks off. 2 similar runs, both down at Gullane, one with a swim. Mary was still "on holiday" and I was between jobs. I think it was a Thursday. Maybe a Friday. Mary had 2 jokes which, after a strong coffee from Falko's seemed amusing. 

I said I'd seen someone getting off the train with a violin case and it made me jealous. Mary asked if that was spelled cellist. Maybe you had to be there. 

The other was that the Radio Times announced that Strictly was returning to plague Saturday night telly. Mary said that if Strictly Come Dancing was to be known by just one of its three titular words, the most suitable surely was Come.

There were a pair of quite impressive swan or goose wings on the beach. They were joined by a robust skeletal torso/rib cage that did not allow separation and so the pictures of Mary as an angel are photoshopped. Well, they'd have to be.

real life

We weren't feeling very like a swim but Mary had got a new wetsuit (her third?) and so we had to try it out. The previous wetsuit was so tight around ankles and wrists that it became a wrestling match to get it on and off. The new one boasts slack panels at the ends of the limbs and is much easier to escape from, even with cold fumbling fingers. The waterproof camera sadly died after a couple of years of harsh treatment. However fear not! A new WP camera has arrived through the miracle of the internet and it will be a very brief interlude before pictures of crabs on the seabed and us mugging underwater are once again with you. Can't wait? Me neither.

A couple of days later and we did much the same except the sun was shining slightly more and we ran 12 miles. About twice the usual route. Falko's now pour our coffees before we order them. 

Competition time: Who rode into town on these steeds and parked them here?
We were sat in the Berlingo and I didn't spot them going past (in tandem) until they were past.
Clue: they were wearing Carnethy gear.

And the A is looking likely next candidate to leave MAR ERA

better than toilet selfies

had a quick check for dragonflies (being sunny) but nada

After doing the usual route we continued along past the car park to the woods, then along the beach to Archerfields, then inland. Tradition has it that after getting back to main road we run the uphill tarmac mile back into Gullane at half marathon tempo pace. I was feeling a bit knackered - I think the long run of the week before having a delayed effect - and did not manage much of a sprint back into town. I certainly wasn't up for a swim. (Must be getting old.) 

more of those fox moth caterpillars

The trails back through Archerfields were buzzing with Speckled Woods which was a surprising treat. I would only have so long to take their photos before Mary would catch up and they would fly off. They look for and settle in warm patches of dappled sunlight. Nice to see so many about. Apart from the sunshine it was about the only thing I was pleased about and I got home feeling a bit under the weather. 

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