Thursday, 11 August 2016

must try harder

I have been slacking of late. Complete lack of blogs as 2 weekends, a race and a Tynecastle Bronze have passed unrecorded. Work has been the main reason and I have been flipping the coin of decent night's sleep vs blog update and the former has been winning. Otherwise I'd be asleep in my sandwiches. Speaking to Rich who is doing an Ironman in a couple of weeks; (best of luck - you'll smash it!), his training has reached a point where if he switches on tv he falls asleep and sometimes struggles to stay awake during meals. So I'm not that bad, but a dangerous backlog of blogs has built up and the larger it gets the less inclined I am to tackle it. Let's race through.....

The sun must have been shining a couple of weeks ago at Gullane. A run and swim seem to have been done though I don't remember all the details. This was the last weekend in July.

There were a LOT of Common Blues around - generally on the decline, so good to see.

After a run, into the wetsuits...

met this guy who regularly swims without a wetsuit

Got speaking to Pat Butler - you may have seen him swimming at Gullane, with a boxer dog in tow. Sadly his dog died, but he is in the process of getting another. He was full of the joys, well the benefits, of OW swimming. 

Threipmuir Swim 1/08/16
Jim and Mike instigated this Monday eve session. The water is probably warm enough now to swim sans wetsuit. Rich and I turned up with Blair who was in his new suit for the first time. He has been suffering from Richard's enthusiastic training/coaching which as already noted is fairly full on.

The Carnethies had got a head start on us - a width of the reservoir is about 300m. As Porties though, our natural habitat is closer to the water and by the time we got to the bottom end of the pool we had caught up with Jim and the gang.

Noel, Joel, Kathy
Some new faces this week and in their goggles and hats I failed to recognise them. 

Blair gave the thumbs up to the new wetsuit.

North Berwick Law Race 3/08/16
On (a week past) Wednesday I got a lift from Roy along with Steve and Alex to N Berwick for the annual scamper up and down the law. It is always had to believe that we run the length of NB and up and down the Law and back to the harbour in under 25 minutes. It was a muggy evening with not much wind and being a short race is eyeballs out the whole way, making for a sweaty session. It is a great event marred only by a lack of recognition for 1st (or any) mv50. Which wasn't me by the way, but has been in the past. 

great turn out from Porty - club champs race

that's the target

Gilmore boys ran well!

a nice evening - the showers held off till we were finished

Another weekend: Sat 6th Sun 7th
More Gullane, this time a little more effort. Another interval session. Unplanned but after running the length of the beach at Aberlady and sprinting the last bit the coach suggested we turn around and head back along the beach. 2 mins hard 1 min standing recovery. Times 5. I didn't hear the times 5 and thought we were just going to run till we dropped. I got a bit further than M each time and struggled to take photos. It made me realise I hold my breath when zooming in; trying to minimise camera shake. Almost impossible after 2 mins blast up the beach.

great to see a Red Admiral

These used to be common place but I realised recently I hadn't seen one in ages. We called them red admirables and saw several along the JMW.

you can see the jet pack on this hoverfly

Mary between intervals

full throttle

The big news was the woman at Falko's actually recognised me after going there twice a month for the last 5 years or so. Now that's customer service! Not sure what was stronger, the coffee or the free drugs you get from running too fast up and down the beach. We left wiped out and jogged along to the car at Gullane. And I was surprised that M had some va-va-voom left over for a swim. I wouldn't have been surprised (or that disappointed) if she had said no thanks.

As something of a compromise we decided to leave the suits in the car and go in without. The water felt very warm in the puddles on the beach. Getting down to the sea in our swimming costumes however it felt slightly cooler. Mary took a dive under after a short walk about. I took a bit longer, preferring to edge slowly until I was just about chest deep before committing to the plunge. Initially it felt cold but after a few minutes eased off and I swam happily for a further 20 minutes enjoying the freedom of movement afforded by no wetsuit. Mary called it a day and I followed her out still feeling fine. However back at the car we were both shivering and it was halfway home before we properly warmed up. It does give you that glow that you feel all day, as well as a splendid appetite. And a very good night's sleep.

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