Sunday, 14 August 2016

smashing it out the park


Inverleith Park is less than a mile away from where I grew up. It has a pond into which I fell I more than once as a nipper, and a few acres of rugby, football and cricket pitches. More recently the council have put a number of apparatus round the North side of the park tempting passing runners to tear muscles and gain 3-day-aches as they jog past.

I have been a couple of times and enjoyed most of the trials; all except for the leapfrog which is over single posts of increasing height. There is insufficient room on the top of each post for both hands and a really good chance of landing atop the posts damaging the contents of your shorts. Best avoided. There are suggestions but no rules next to each challenge and I worked out a strategy for each which last Sunday I explained to Mary. She ignored this and decided to do the course in the opposite direction. 

Diagonal steps through the tyres x3.

I forgot to take a photo of the next apparatus - a plank suspended on 4 chains that is just off the ground. My idea was to traverse the plank from one side to the other doing 3 full turns at midpoint - harder than it sounds as it is wobbly as buggery.

next up dips

Either the bars are the wrong distance apart or my arms are. I can manage about 3 in a very poor style before walking off disgusted. Further work required! Check out Brian Jacks in Sporting Superstars from 2.30 in the video, doing 100!

Next up feet-together-jumps over several horizontals.
Try to take off from where landed ie no repositioning.

Then sit ups. This is easier than sit ups without foot/leg leverage. x20.

Although you can do pull ups like this ^ it is far less shaming to do long arm pull ups as below. I used (when climbing) to be capable of 10~15 but 3 is sufficient each round (to avoid sore ribs for several days afterwards.)

Mary said this one was too easy - but if so, you might want to take it at a run rather than a walk.

back to climbing skills 
once you have mastered this try using only alternative rungs or going across and back.

tricep dips (10~20) or easy push ups x20


  1. But campi would be correct in Latin, while apparati is incorrect in both English and Latin. You don't actually hear the English plural apparatuses that often, because apparatus is treated as a semi-uncountable noun: one apparatus, two pieces of apparatus.25 Jan 2014
    grammatical number - What is the proper plural form of 'apparatus ...

  2. are you saying I'm campi? ;-)