Sunday, 21 August 2016

rad road reps

Wednesday (17th Aug) was such a lovely evening I took the camera to club. Shery had us do three laps of the Rad Rd and back through Hunter's Bog - an old favourite of coach Gordon - and it was as tough and steep as ever. It's a while since I have done Rad Rd reps and in the excitement started a little bit fast. I think the times were approx 11.40, 12.20 and 12.39 per circuit but in the oxygen deficit it is difficult to keep that info in one's overheating brainbox. The difference between laps was entirely due to the climb, which slowed from 4.40 to 5.20 to 5.40, a sign of poor pacing, with a regular 7 min recovery round the crags and down through the bog.

mirage of an ice cream van at Holyrood

fooling around at the commie pool

first lap - David went ahead, Andy, Craig and Stuart chasing

lap 2 and David continues to pull away on the climb

relief at the high point

trundle downhill and through the bog

this was the last I saw of David

stopped for a second and a photo or 2 at the top of the last climb

Craig and Andy not far behind

a kestrel above the crags

Excellent session thanks Shery. Legs properly emptied!

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