Sunday, 21 August 2016

action parked

Sunday 14th Aug
Mary was busy collecting injuries that disallowed any fooling about on the Inverleith Park apparatus so was reduced to taking photos of me monkeying about. This time we did it in the correct direction. 

Mary on the balance beams.

The leap frog castration posts still posing a threat.

full arm pull ups

Mary took about 15 pics of the "bunny hop" elements and in all of them bar 2 I was standing on the ground between jumps. After 3 circuits of this it is more difficult than it looks.

I am still rubbish at dips
- I can just about manage the down but no proper up again.

name and shame
This lazy inconsiderate arsehole let his ugly dog poop in the long grass then pretended to go in his pocket and move over as if he was going to pick up after his dog; then when we moved on he walked away without bothering.

When the big hand is up here and the small hand is down there it's four o'clock

the boat club were out showing off their models

hello sailor

On the last lap of the park I challenged Mary to run round past the obstacles as I did the activities, and to see who was faster. I would knock out 10 push ups etc then chase past her to the next apparatus. She seemed to pick up the pace considerably and accused me of doing fewer reps at each station. It was quite close at the end and I was prepared to allow a draw. Mary said no way and I was a cheat and she won outright, although we hadn't agreed exactly where the finish line was. It did get us both moving though.

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