Tuesday, 26 July 2016

mon swim

Another Monday evening swim. The enthusiasm and fun of the last couple of Mondays might push this towards being a regular thing. We have been blessed with pleasant weather and the water in Threipmuir Reservoir is warm and welcoming. (Gullane on Saturday was cold and salty by comparison.) 

The flip flops were Mike's who had been self harming at the St Mary's Loch Tri the day before. You can see the plasters on his feet covering the skin he lost running without socks. On the upside, says he, it took his mind off his troubled achilles during the run. Did he really say you could see the blood squelching out his shoes towards the end of the run? Congratulations on that performance Mike!

Richard provided further amusement and envy in equal measure with his transition mat

Richard was also at St Mary's Loch on a last minute entry, and powering through the field until he powered his chain off his chain rings and into his carbon frame in an irretrievable way. Making the most of a poor situation he paced fellow Porty, Blair round the run. Congrats to Blair on a job well done and first OW swim in borrowed wetsuit!
Berit did a great job there as well, congrats!

The weather was slightly less glorious than last week - the breeze making the air feel cooler than the water - but the sun would break through the clouds from time to time.

This was the team this week
with Willie joining us again later, and Kathy took the photo

Kathy in top visibility hat - take note Jim, who proudly wears a water coloured cap!

After crossing the reservoir which I think is about 300m, we went down that side with the wind helping. The traverse back across was tougher with the wind pushing us down the water and small waves breaking over us on our left side. You would occasionally get one in the chops as you raised your head to breathe. Nothing compared to a choppy sea swim though. We regrouped then set off back up the path side (NW shore) to the start point. When the sun came out it illuminated the top 20" of the water. During the last section the wind dropped and the shore gave some shelter making it all a bit smoother. 

swallows flying overhead added to the joy

I am greatly enjoying having some swimming ability with pretty much no training or practice. It's like returning to a foreign country and remembering you speak the language. I think we swam a mile or thereabouts and I did much less backstroke (recovery.) I am learning to spot (look up while swimming (without stopping) to check line) and trying to be aware of surroundings and fellow swimmers. Kathy was wearing a proper orange swimhat and the visibility at water-level was impressive by comparison to coloured swim caps. (See photo above.) Richard had his anti-fog goggle spray and again and it really seems to work. (Must get some.) My contribution was zinc oxide tape which I put over my ears. I gave Rich some to try as he has ear issues while swimming. I have found it works better than (foam or cup) plugs and is the best way to keep most of the water out. Especially if you wear a neck-strapped hood over the top keeping the tape in place. It gets wet but sticks fine and keeps ears fairly dry. If I don't wear tape the water gets in and crackles and pops for 36 hrs afterwards. I suspect years of diving in chlorinated pools have burst a seal somewhere and I hate it when a wave hits the side of your face and you can feel a pipette of cold water being forced down your earhole.

I tried to use the tape to cover a rub I had picked up on Saturday at Gullane. Only about 25 mins but either I had not done up the velcro closure on the zip top or the salt had helped rub a layer of skin off the back of my neck. The tape there didn't stay on well and I had to loosen off my wetsuit as I could feel the hotspot growing towards the end of last night's swim. Other than that it was another great swim in the best pool in Edinburgh. See you all next week 7pm? 

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  1. Wow - a mention! Thanks! I had a great day on Sunday - the terrain suited me well and a new wetsuit definitely helped too. Still got beaten by 3 women in the vets category tho!