Sunday, 4 October 2015

seal bay revisited

Next day, Monday 28th Sept.
Once (nearly) bitten, twice (not) shy. Back to Gullane to have a run and swim. This time with Mary, the underwater camera and armed with the googled info that seals are not regular attackers of swimmers. They are curious and playful but are unlikely to do more than grab the end of your paddle! And hardly ever that. There are occasional scare stories (jump into kayak and bite) but only in the cheap papers and those are the exception rather than the rule. Phew. Back in the water then. Bit of a run first. Glorious skies and lovely autumnal things goings on. Falko's closed on a Monday so we went to the Village Coffee House 5 doors West of the Scotmid.

This was a tip off from Nicky F and proved a good substitute for Falko's although perhaps a bit more chintzy and bit less on-the-ball re service. To be fair the place was hoatching and although they took the carry out order, we had to come back in ten mins to collect it, and then stand a further 3 or 4 with the stern owner and his more relaxed and pleasant female accomplice. The 2 tripadvisor refs were in opposition, the second saying service was akin to Basil Fawlty without the laughs. Also no buns, just a fruity scone. HOLD THE CREAM AND JAM we're athletes. I think they put extra crack cocaine in the coffee I had (Caramel Latte); 12 hrs later I was lying in bed while the Mariachi band still played the Mexican Hat Dance. Hmmm might as well get up and hang some wallpaper. Dadadadadadada da dada OLÉ! Is that good? Well no and yes, Mary was so tired after her weekend she could hardly talk on the drive to Gullane. By half way through her coffee we were shouting over the top of each other having a LOT of fun and setting the world to rights.

not a patch on the bed-settee Bruce was to find days later out on the beach

I can't remember much about the run we were blethering so much. But I do remember saying if I conceded whatever shortened route M required I could have choice of venue for the swim. Deal. Ok I choose along the coast towards the Point. I have a date with a seal.
So we got changed and kept shoes on for the hike along the beach. It was so lovely we didn't get past that steep hill (murder hill?) of sand which looked a good place to swim. Tide was IN. It was a great venue. Sadly my date stood me up, but I managed to find many underwater things to take bad photos of.

sports tape on ears to prevent water rushing into vacuum

wetsuit AND running shoes

First Sea Mouse I've seen since the great storms of 2010 when loads were washed up.
Note the iridescence. This one was returned to the water but was past it's squeak-by-date.
Typically they look like a cross between a scrubbing brush and a drowned rat

Very unlikely thing to see in the water - a FISH.

Between the shell and the seaweed there is a shrimp. Unfortunately it is transparent. Luckily I'll be back next week to take a photo of it as an adult.

more of the invisible shrimp with fish fingers for scale


Even zonnen op het strand :-)
Posted by Paul van Loock on Monday, 28 September 2015

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