Saturday, 17 October 2015

colder waters

I have fallen a bit behind in blogs so I will just slap down a couple of images from the 10th. Not that we covered much in the way of new ground. Just ran down the road to Archerfields, down onto the coast and back along to Gullane where we went for a swim. The weather was that soft windless autumn mix that feels nice to be out in, but probably requires a bigger camera with a bigger sensor to capture in all it's glory. Pics can look a little drab, but really it was very pleasant.

However, the water was BALTIC! We reckoned some chilly waters had blown in from Norway or the Arctic and had drifted up the Forth. It was not welcome and suddenly what had seemed a lovely calm day for a swim turned into more of a chilly chore. The clarity was poor and so no underwater photos. Is this the beginning of the end for Winter immersions? Next time we will defo be wearing winter scuba gloves and hoods.

ouch, cold!

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