Friday, 30 October 2015

beach gallery

Last Sunday, Oct 25th we went for a gentle recovery run around the beach at Gullane / Aberlady and perhaps a swim. Stoked up on crack caffeine the beach was looking fab. First there was a myriad tiny brightly coloured grasses or mosses or ferny things that were red then yellow and so sparkling that Mary stood on her head. Until some passers-by came upon us and hovered embarrassed, thinking they maybe had come across a cult. I was also hovering wearing a "you-know-how-it-is" look on my face.

And then just item after item that looked very distinctive; like it would be more at home in a gallery than washed up on the beach. And it wasn't that the light was special. It was pleasant but a long way from bright or sunny.

Mary turned this plank over to reveal lots of raisins and sultanas although it wouldn't surprise you to learn they didn't have the same variety of taste as colour. We didn't open the rocket bottle to find out what it might contain but I do like the colour combo of white, seaweed black and red.

What miraculous journey takes a large lightbulb to the beach without breaking it? I was going to wash it off for a proper close up but as the shoreline sand sank on approach to the water I remembered my pledge to keep my shoes dry. I hadn't taken a change of shoes and would be standing in Tesco's in them 2 hrs later whether they were dry or wet. I hate getting my feet wet unless it's for a good reason, and I have a change of shoes to hand.

blue glove has left his perch and has been touring the beach

I felt warmed up after the run and determined to go in for a swim. The last time swimming had seemed so much colder and I hoped it was just a glitch. I didn't want to draw a line under the swim season by admitting defeat to a glitch so put on the winter gear (properly warm hood and gloves) and braced myself. Mary wasn't keen so just had a paddle to loosen off stiff legs from the previous day's longer run. We also took the thermometer along to give us an objective measurement. Air was just over 10' water was just under. And no, that doesn't make them feel the same, no idea why. The winter gear made it very do-able but did feel a bit clumsy. More like swimming in a deep sea diver outfit than slipping sleekly through the water. The chill factor was bearable though. It would be interesting to know if it was colder last time.

"Thanks" to Craig for this birthday gift in response to my seal-o-phobia. I have since seen videos shot in the Scilly Isles of seals and swimmers interacting and feel suitably foolish for freaking that time. It won't (might not) happen again. 

waving not drowning

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  1. The colours of those grasses are indeed gorgeous. What a beautiful day. You said it wasn't bright but I actually quite like the effect of the greyer, flatter light. Adds a kind of picturesque bleakness and emphasises the remoteness of some Scottish scenery and wilderness.