Saturday, 31 October 2015

beachy halloween

And we were just about out the door when Mary said take that mask and the hat. Might as well, it is Halloween. I made them for a Halloween party many years ago and they have been gathering dust on top of a wardrobe since. Never quite got round to binning them, or going to another Halloween party.

Fiona and Lucy

Falko's seem to have adopted smaller paper cups. Last week I felt short changed when I got a smaller cup while Mary's black coffee came in the standard size. I'm sure it's the same amount of caffeine but less water and they haven't started charging less. So this week I asked for an Americana and not a flat white. BOTH cups were small and the price seems to have slightly increased from £6.70 to £6.90 for 2 coffees and 2 raisin brioche. I may change dealers to the Village Coffee Shop next time as they give you a massive cup that had me up till all hours of the night the other Monday. Anyway while we are sat there Lucy and Fiona appear. They have already caught the train to Dunbar and run back and will prob get to Longniddry before catching the train back to Edinburgh. They look fresher than we are feeling so we make them model the hat and mask. Lucy is not looking happy because she has just found out the hard papier mâché interior is about the most uncomfortable thing you could ever strap to your face. 

So as part of Mary's self improvement come self harming we are doing 10 burpees in the car park. The tendency is for the person holding the camera to aim the camera at the prone section of the exercise then miss the jump. First 5 are easy peasy except I lose count. Was that six or seven? After about 8 I am ready for a sit down and drive home.



Mary took this.

There was a big strudel of dark grey cloud hovering above the Forth. While the sun was shining it felt like summer. Then the cloud rolled inland, hiding the sun and it felt like it might hail or sleet. (Putting an end to ideas about swimming.)

I think the blue glove runs up and down the beach at night.

Mary took this obvs.

who needs a broomstick?

goosey v-ness

Run done and Mary felt 1/ we weren't going in swimming and 2/ we should do the Halloween shoot on the beach. Why? No idea? Best just follow orders. 

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