Thursday, 15 October 2015

birthday run and swim

October 3rd
Firstly a big thanks to everyone who sent kind wishes through facebook. I had a very relaxed weekend and particularly enjoyed the usual low key run and swim at Gullane. The weather was better than forecast and we had fun doing some intervals along the beach. 

First up some burpees in the car park. 
Mary did some while I tried to make her laugh then we swapped about. 

Yes you spotted the Pedalhouse vest. What with the cold dark weather and filthy roads fast approaching you will all want to re-start the spin classes for Autumn/Winter.
Check here for regular and special events

high intensity interval training.
30s cruise, 20s fast, 10s SPRINT flat out. repeat 5 times without rest.
Then 2 mins standing recovery. Repeat 3 times.


So there we are along near the subs and synchronising watches when we hear this photographer telling us to stand elsewhere. Move out the way. We were just about to start so I wasn't going to respond to someone who was obviously a bit mental. But Mary, being in less of a relaxed mood fired a couple of choice sentiments his way. Then we set off and did most of a mile to the other end of the beach where we were bent double gasping for breath. I stayed the same distance from M and 2 minutes later we started back up the beach. It is quite a session and leaves you totally drained. Mary had heard my footsteps just behind her during the last minute of the return leg and had just managed to keep just a couple of steps ahead. As we stood about preparing for the last lap the idiot photographer then tells us to get out the way again. Mary told him we were just about to leave but he kept on suggesting we were just standing there to spoil his photograph which he had travelled 150 miles to take. I was going to let him ramble on but when he implied his photo was somehow more important than anything else on the beach and we should understand this, I got involved too. It was a beautiful day, and my birthday and difficult to see why anyone would prefer to pick an argument with strangers, but I got the feeling this was not the first time for this fool. On another occasion I might have offered him a knuckle sandwich but he was so plainly misguided we just rolled our eyes and ran back down the beach. 

new birthday shoes: 3rd pair of Hoka Challengers

Back to the car park and into wet suits.

Little did we know this would be the last "warm" swim of the year. The water was calm and very clear. Since the wind seemed to be coming from the East we swam West along to the rocks near Gullane Point where Mary was feeling the cold, and went back to the car. I chased some crabs and a shrimp (the same shrimp now fully grown?) underwater for a bit as I had the mask and snorkle on. It was very pretty but the shaky video I shot was pretty crappy. I have used some of it for stills. 

Anyway top day out. 


Barnacle Joe again

The prisms of light falling across ancient columns make it look like Atlantis, but are more likely an old broken sewer outflow.

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