Sunday, 23 August 2015

deep water runs still

There were quite a few notable events this weekend. Porty parkrun takeover for one. Well done those who helped out there spreading the love and scanning the bar codes. Nope, I still haven't made it along to run or take photos. Trouble is I was too busy sleeping in and pleasing myself. Which is what the weekends are for. Also squeezed in a run and swim at Gullane. (Just for a change.)  

Another event that thankfully passed without incident (no serious injury or death) was the Glen Coe Skyline thingy which I was interested in but neither wanted to pay the entry fee, nor fall off Curved Ridge. The weather was ok and nobody died that I heard about. There were queues though.

Big thanks (and v well done) to Mark in the Carnethy vest for the photos. Apparently he did ask everyone to let go the rock and wave for the photo. 

Mary took this shot - she feels I neglect the bees in favour of the butterflies etc. 

Yes we had a coffee from Falko's.

Mary is pointing and talking in a foreign language. Grotty Buckies (sp?) she says. The small white cockles were only dispersed over about 3 meters. Somewhere in google will be the answer to the question were they washed up here or did they grow from seed. And the other question "what are the horseshoe shaped bits of vegetation from that you find all up and down the beach and in the sea". Picture later.

It was bit overcast but warm and very still which was good news for the swim. Both being full of coffee the conversation was excellent. I really must take dictation as all I can remember of it was myself saying "here comes Muriel Grey" and Mary saying "SIR Muriel Grey" which made me laugh a lot.

We did a some high intensity training. 80 paces at tempo run pace straight into 60 at top speed followed by 30 at finish-line sprint. A giant line of speed along the beach. Enjoy 2 mins rest between 5 reps. Does you the world of good (assuming you don't croak) and is more powerful than many recreational drugs.

We had texted AGF as she was keen to swim; but she couldn't resist the pull of the water and did her lengths before we arrived. Scott said he was defo starting running again (I think I heard that?) and has even begun swimming. Last week when seaward Horatio (him of little brain) was nudging his ball towards Fife, unable to open wide enough to bite, showing no sign of recognising his potential for saturation and sink. 

OK just what are these? Thousands on the beach.
I've never seen one that goes all the way round.


Given the lack of waves I was trying to take an image half in, half out the water. Almost impossible.

The tide was out and given the lack of churn the water very clear. Perfect conditions for spotting Harry the Crab. Sure enough there he was. Getting about. Further studies have shown not only aggressive interaction but also defensive. Being able to see the approach of a potential predator (moi!) they would not only wave their weaponry at me but some would burrow backwards into the sand. But mostly they like to stand on their back legs and wave hello.

Harry and Ms. C
"Come any closer and I'll poke you in the eye with my wife."

shoal of tiny invisible fish! impressive? no?

I was in for about 40mins possibly the longest I've swum outdoors. Covered most of Gullane bay from West to East. Mary was going blue after 30mins, and might return to her winter wet suit if we are doing longer sessions. Great fun.

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