Sunday, 9 August 2015

scuba doo

We were both a bit tired today. Slow to start. But so was the weather and it turned out quite nice later on. We threw some stuff in the car and drove to Gullane. Didn't even bother with a run. Did a coffee and brioch in Falko's for lunch then went down to the beach. I knew it would be kinda busy so asked if we might walk along to the bay round the point. Bit of privacy and some rocks you can leave your stuff on.

Nice and calm for swimming. I took the big mask and snorkle. I was supposed to be doing lengths but ended up just mooching about looking for things under the water to take photos of. The water was clear in places although a bit murky near the rocks, where all the most interesting things lurk. Also the water got deeper further out from the shore then shallower. At times I completely lost any sense of direction. I would from time to time stand up and check Mary was still ok.

Spongy horror from the deep

an alien within an alien - Mary is freaking now

4 and half legs

I think I've found a new species

a shoal  of fish

f i s h

Mary was feeling cold (blue lips to match blue eyes) so got out while I stayed in for a while trying to find new friends to play with.

Mary took this excellent study of barnacles

I could spend hours messing about in rock pools. On the way to the bay I was watching small shrimp jumping and swimming about in one. I was wondering how I could get some mileage out of the pools without actually climbing in and lying down in the bigger pools. I then had the idea of setting the waterproof camera on self timer and taking a pic from the bottom of the rock pools looking out at the sky and us. It worked a treat and if Mary hadn't been dying of the cold and needing to get back to the car I would still be there now taking pictures of the moon from the bottom of rock pools. Quite impressed with he quality of the macro from an entry level w/p camera. It obviously helps to be pointing upwards at the sky.


You'll be seeing more of this!

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