Monday, 3 August 2015

sand in my shower-tray

As something of an antidote to the exertions of the Tour of Fife I'd reserved a day off work today. (I know, what a skiver.) Mary had some stuff to do after her morning run but suggested since the sun was shining we get a bit open water swim practise in. This sounded like the perfect recovery from the aches of the Tour and it was a change not to have to go across the Forth and race at full tilt. (And the Berlingo (back from the mechanic's), behaved itself.)


tide was quite far in and the water was mostly very clear

We had noticed there was a warm breeze from west to east so when we got to the beach we walked along towards Aberlady. Then got in and swam east which made for a confidence inspiring zoom along the beach. We then cleverly got out and walked back not needing to find out if the swim back would have been really hard work or not.

It was one of those days when it was a joy to be in the water. I am trying to refine the gear I wear for Craggy Island and am working out which goggles and which earplugs work best and keep the water out. Also choosing to wear a neoprene hood under a swim cap and put a bit of Run Guard on my back under the neck of the wetsuit where the closing can rub. Hopefully all these things, properly ironed out, will make open water swimming as jolly as it was today. When the water is warm enough not to scald your spine as it comes in the zip, or not to use certain types of earplugs (Speedo) with their hard ends that don't sit well under the hood and cap. Today it was all going in the right direction and I was able to concentrate on arseing around taking photos when the sun came out. Since you can't really see the results it is always a bit hit-and-miss, so I take loads and with luck there'll be something weird or interesting when we get home.

We swam most of Gullane Bay and were a bit washed up by the other end.

Then walked back. 
Lovely afternoon out and swim! Almost felt like proper summer.

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