Saturday, 29 August 2015

beachy head

Nice to get some sunny weather. I have a longer run planned for tomorrow so excuse me if this is brief, I have to go make sandwiches and get some sleep. Might try and put the half filled reservoir in the freezer for COLD drinks tomorrow. Meanwhile today was lovely: very relaxed repeat of the usual recipe. An hour of running and about 30mins of swim in the sea. Except we bumped into those Fergusons like we had arranged it. They turned up just as we were finishing the Falko's coffees. To walk the doggies. We chatted about Craggy Island and how there would be a large contingent of Scott's relatives turning out to cheer. Mary admitted that she had had the cold and lost all interest in going North to compete. AGF took great offence and threatened to shame Mary on all available social media. I have a feeling when Mary's health improves she might feel differently but doubt she will be there. I may have to cycle to Oban.

new car park meter knackered already?

Meanwhile I was just glad Mary felt well enough to go for a run and swim. She increased her hours recently and now is quite tired by the time the weekend comes around. I tend to build in skive days between jobs so get sufficient recovery.

and in panorama mode

high tide today leaving this spit of sand

the bay at Gullane Point was looking Mediterranean

The Hunter spotted this fine specimen about 40 yards off not alarmed at all.

not oranges but the fruit of the sea buckthorn

Mary in her winter suit. We have been doing about 30 mins and her other wet suit is thin and less warm in the top half. This one is too tight for competing but better insulated for longer sessions.

trying to inflate my swimcap
the water was really clear today although there were some waves

trying to take half in half out photos

I don't remember a 4" lid on the sea

lager flavoured 

The weather improved all afternoon until the drips were evaporating off our wet suits as we walked back to the van. No chattering teeth while getting changed. It almost felt like summer. The forecast is still changing by the minute but hopefully tomorrow will be similarly semi-tropical. 

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