Thursday, 6 August 2015

a seat in the sun

I left the flat tonight for hill intervals, got no further than 30 yards and returned home. Grabbed the camera and back out. Too nice an evening to be going up to Arthur's Seat without it. My legs were a bit weary from the race last night and I thought I shouldn't overdo it and trash them for Haddington Half. But the sun was shining and that itself is pretty rare this summer; and was reason for going out for a run.

dry dam tonight and 5 x 3mins

just four - Iain, Fergus, Graham and I

proof that when Iain turns side on he disappears

I was too busy breathing hard to take any photos while training.
Afterwards we jogged up to the top.

glorious evening

as the crow flies NB Law = 19miles, Bass Rock 22

going, going...

dusting the medals
I was adding the medal from last night to the medal pole today (M and I's medals for 15 years) and the whole lot came crashing down. Luckily I didn't do this last night when I got home. I tried to replace them (after re-fixing the pole) in about the right order (from the earliest in 2000 to last night's.) There has to be a couple of hundred (and 4 horsebrasses and 3 cowbells) and they made a pretty good CRASH when they all hit the deck. Nearly drowned out the swearing!

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  1. So many medals that your walls can't take it! As always, stunning photos.