Friday, 31 January 2014

In the Dark (kung hei fat choy)

After a busy weekend I took Monday off running, well apart from a couple of miles on the treadmill at Leith Academy where I do a Fitness evening class. “Fitness” is a bit of boxercise and floor exercises and for the first 30 mins we are welcome to ruin ourselves on the treadmills and cycle and rowing machines. I don't know how anyone has the mental stamina for this as after 2 miles I get so bored I crank the speed up to see how fast I can run then have to stop. 2 miles is about twice the most I've ever managed. If this was running I wouldn't be doing it.

Tuesday night and I dragged myself to Meadows intervals where to my surprise I had a good session although the last of the 5 nearly killed me. All within 4 seconds except for the last which was 8 seconds faster. 3 Jims and an Emily are the usual PRC contingent.

Wednesday night was a tough hill session at Coillesdene trying to keep in touch with Gareth and Nicola and failing. And then to Thursday evening and Wintervals with the Carnethies. After the hills on Wednesday I could have done without 5 x 3minute reps on the Radical Rd. Every time descending to the start and the steepest part which is a killer. Oh and then 2 x 1 minute sprints which were nearer walking pace by the time we had done the 5 x 3. Horrible – just horrible.

I took the camera to Wintervals and afterwards, instead of heading home went via the courtyard of the University off the South Bridge where there is an exhibition of Chinese Lantern Warriors. The spectacle was created by Chinese artist Xia Nan (inspired by the Terracotta Warriors) for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. Up to 90 warriors built in the style of paper lanterns stand in the university courtyard, and are lit internally making an impressive sight. And you are allowed to walk among the warriors. It makes a very lively visual treat and, coincidentally, a great way to mark the Chinese New Year, today. The heads seem to be fashioned from something a bit more solid which slightly detracts. The discreet cabling for the power source is kept close to the ground and the whole thing is well worth a visit, the multi coloured life sized figures giving off a very festive glow. Towards the front is a horse (well a smallish pony) reminding us this year is the Chinese year of the horse.

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