Saturday, 4 January 2014

Baltic Street

We saw this sign and Mary stopped the car to insist on a photo.
It was cold but probably not that cold.

She had let me come on her run but I wasn't to speak or allowed to choose the route or breath much either.

We did get to visit the new public building at Yellow Craigs for selfies.
Could it live up to the hype?

The mirror was pretty good but not quite distorted enough.

Mary said as she met me outside, "Have you had your fill?"

The sun was out for the earlier part of the run but disappeared about 10.40

After the super high tides recently we also had this resulting super low one. (Only the second time we have had dry access to Eyebroughy.) We were anticipating finding all sorts of sea monsters washed up after the storm surges, but this was the only thing of interest.

Mary was discouraged by other folk having the cheek to be on our route (often with dogs!)

The tide was very out at Aberlady but the decent weather had been swapped for dull, then rain.

Another one of these near the road. 

We had intended to go a walk at Gullane with my mum (by my side here) but because of the rain we swapped it for an afternoon indoors at my brother Neil's (far left). He took this great photo - it's rare we are all in the same place at once these days. He does some semi-professional photography but had us in stitches today because he never normally uses the self timer and gave an excellent Mr. Bean school of comedy photography performance setting up the photo. My sister was wiping away tears between shots. 

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