Saturday, 11 January 2014

cold and frosty morning

Mary had the bright idea of an early start to catch the sunrise. The last time was maybe a year or 2 ago and we set off to the Lammermuirs in search of a roseate dawn. It was so grey and cold we thought it would be a long time before we fell for that promise again. However with the forecast plastering full sun icons all over today I hauled my sleeping self out of bed and we got to Flotterstone and set off for 8.30am.

We got to the top of Turnhouse before the sun, which was malingering behind a band of cloud. The rest of the sky was blue though, and as we crested the hills of Carnethy and Scald Law enjoyed brilliant views of the low red sun setting the golden heather alight.

There was a very cold, very stiff breeze. It was absent in Iona St but very noticeable by Flotterstone. At the top of Turnhouse it threatened to bite off fingers and ears and I was concerned we hadn't worn enough in the way of hats, gloves and extra layers. The shorts were attracting raised eyebrows from the hillwalkers, wrapped entirely in heavy boots, waterproof trousers and goretex jackets.

The scenery was very distracting and after Scald Law we dropped down to the pass at the Howe and (after a while in the shadows) climbed up Black Hill and back into the sunshine. The difference was tangible. 

We saw 2 runners before the climb up Black Hill. They were so far ahead we didn't think we'd catch them but towards the top they weren't sure which direction to take and I met up with them. They were on their way back to Swanston, and agreed it was a superb day. I waited on Mary then we ran along the top of Black Hill where it was almost impossible not to crash through the ice to get a sock full of chilly water for your troubles. We took the same paths as the 2 guys ahead (the skyline route) staying behind until after Harbour Hill when we drew level.

I love the views you get from this end of the hills - looking up the reservoirs.

Turnhouse was looking magnificent by the time we returned towards Flotterstone.

A brilliant day out. Not quite the spectacular dawn of the last few days but worth getting out of bed for. Followed by some of Mary's homemade soup with homemade bread - life does not get much better.
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