Monday, 20 January 2014


rain on the skyline 18/01/14

Mary had chosen a long hilly route in the Pentlands as C5 training. Unfortunately the weather was crap and it turned out to be very difficult to find any joy in the hills. Above a certain height it was just a fairly steady grey drizzle. We both put on waterproofs and I was glad I hadn't brought the good camera. After the last bitterly cold day here I bought new gloves which I was road testing. They claimed to be made "with the high-tech functionality of Windstopper fabric." Although a fleecy feel they seemed to resist much of the rain and wind which I was glad of. £30 so not cheap, but warm.

We started off doing the Skyline route from Flotterstone but by West Kip Mary decided we should follow the Carnethy 5 route down to the Howe missing the Drove Road and Hare Hill. Since this would save a soggy splosh off Hare Hill; and as I had a race the following day, I was fine about less being more - it was not a day for a long run.

As we descended West Kip on the C5 route I found a rather nice striped hat. Since it was not on the hillwalkers route it was almost certainly a C5 recce-ers hat dropped there. If it's yours and you want it back (I have even washed it for you,) let me know what colour it is and what the company logo is on the front and I'll pass it back to you. If not I'll wear it to the Carnethy5 Race and see if it gets me noticed.


We had 3 pastries - one and a half each. I was dicking about with the self timer on the camera and when Mary passed me the remaining "half" she couldn't quite explain why it looked more like a quarter. 

Steam coming out my ears seeing the size of my "half".

Black Hill looking quite red.

I have warmed these photos up and they are in danger of looking attractive but really it was nothing like pleasant. This stretch was filthy clawing slippy mud and you stood a good chance of a 3 foot bumslide.

New gloves. So far pretty good.

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